Cape Coral’s Best Craft Beer Bar & Burger Menu

  • Grandma's Burger

    Burger topped with classic coleslaw. Drizzled with our smokey BBQ sauce.

    only $9.99

    Rajun' Cajun

    Pepperjack cheese, grilled onions, and our homemade cajun lime sauce. Substitute habenero jack cheese and add jalapenos for $.39!

    only $9.99

    Mushroom and Swiss Burger

    Mounds of fresh mushrooms, topped with our rich gravy sauce, and melted swiss cheese.

    only $10.49

    Kentucky Bourbon Classic

    Cheddar cheese crowned with grilled onions, two slices of bacon, French's crispy fried onions, and topped with Mr. Brews signature Kentucky Bourbon Mayo.

    only $10.39

    Mr. Brews Peanut Buster

    Peanut buttery deliciousness comes from our secret peanut butter blend. Topped with bacon and habenero jack cheese

    only $10.49
  • Brews-Chetta Burger

    Our signature patty, seasoned on a parmesan garlic dusted bun with melted havarti cheese, tomato bruschetta and finished with basil pesto mayo!

    only $10.29

    Jalapeno Popper Burger

    Cream cheese spread, sauteed jalapenos. Fresh crispy fried onions and our smokey BBQ sauce tops it off!

    only $10.69

    California Burger

    Our patty with pepperjack cheese and homemade guacamole, covered in red pepper mayo, lettuce, tomato, and raw onions.

    only $10.69

    Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

    Our signature all beef patty topped with your childhood favorite, Mac n' Cheese. Finished off with chopped bacon and a dash of cayenne pepper.

    only $9.99

    All-American Cheese Burger

    Smile and say "Cheese Please!" Pick your favorite cheese and toppings for a truly custom burger.

    only $9.29
  • Weston Burger

    Smocked Bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce

    only $10.39

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